PowerVR Rogue is the latest generation of the PowerVR architecture, building upon the unrivalled success of PowerVR GPUs over nearly two decades. PowerVR Rogue designs enable Imagination’s partners to deliver amazing user experiences in devices that range from innovative, ‘natural’ user interfaces to ultra-realistic gaming, as well as enabling new applications never before thought of, from advanced content creation and image processing to sophisticated augmented reality and environment-aware solutions. Based on a scalable number of compute clusters, the PowerVR Rogue architecture is designed to target the requirements of a growing range of demanding markets from IoT to the highest performance embedded graphics including smartphones, tablets, PC, console, automotive, DTV and more. Compute clusters are arrays of programmable computing elements that are designed to offer high performance and efficiency while minimizing power and bandwidth requirements.

PowerVR Rogue GPUs offer:

  • Industry-best performance in both GFLOPS/mm2 and GFLOPS/mW
  • GPU Compute performance reaching the TFLOPS (teraFLOPS) range
  • Extensive feature scalability

The PowerVR Rogue architecture delivers a significant portfolio of new technologies and features, including:

  • An advanced, scalable graphics and compute cluster architecture
  • High efficiency compression technology including lossless image and parameter compression and the widely respected PVRTC™ texture compression
  • Next-generation Tile Based Deferred Rendering architecture

These features combine to produce a highly latency tolerant architecture that consumes the lowest memory bandwidth in the industry while delivering the best performance per mm2 and per mW.

Series9XE GPU Family

The Series9XE builds on the success of the previous generation Series8XE by matching it for fill-rate density, while offering improved application performance of up to 20%.

Series9XM Family

The Series9XM brings a new level of performance density leadership to the market, offering up to 50% improvement over the previous Series8XEP family.

Series8XE Plus GPU Family

Higher graphics and compute performance with industry leading performance/mm2 is ideal for mainstream 1080P performance in mobile, set-top box and automotive.

Series8XE GPU Family

PowerVR Series8XE GPUs support OpenGL Es 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0 and are available in 4 pix/clock and 2 pix/clock configurations, enabling the latest games and apps and further driving down the cost of high quality UIs on cost sensitive devices.