Bringing compute and gaming performance to
cost-sensitive devices

The PowerVR Series8XE Plus family of GPUs enables a step up from entry level parts, whilst maintaining a tight focus on cost reduction. These cores are optimized to deliver the best user experience by combining the fill rate requirements for a great 1080P experience, with an increase in FLOPS performance over the entry level 8XE family, to allow for more realistic immersive gaming, more sophisticated computer & vision applications, and more complex UI implementations, yet all in a limited silicon area budget. This GPU family enables low-cost devices to not only benefit from graphical applications by supporting the most advanced APIs from Khronos, including OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0, but its support for OpenVX 1.1 & OpenCL allows for compute & vision applications to take full advantage of the increased FLOPS on offer.

Cost-efficient GPUs for gaming and compute on 1080p displays

Higher processing performance allows more complex apps (especially games) to run at acceptable frame rate for increased visual quality on low-cost devices. PowerVR Seies8XE Plus delivers up to 4x performance increase for complex gaming vs. PowerVR 8XE family.


  • Architecture improvements for better DDR compatibility
  • Full support for Compute API’s – OpenCL1.2 EP, OpenVX1.1, Vulkan1.0
  • Broad & complete Graphics API support – OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2, Vulkan1.0
  • Extended Design Optimization Kit (DOK)s – Enabling wide range of clock frequencies across process technologies
  • Hardware virtualisation
  • Hardware security


  • Bandwidth utilisation improvements allowing for higher throughput for compute & gaming workloads
  • Allows for deployable vision applications, support for CNN implementationson GPU
  • Full supportfor latest versions of Android. Compatibility with all applications
  • Reduced customer time to market
  • Precision control over performance in multi app/OS environment
  • Enables secure processing & display of high value content

PowerVR Series8XE Plus GPUs offer

  • An increase of up to 4xFlops compared to equivalent fill-rate configurations of PowerVR Series8XE GPUs
  • Around a 30% reduction in area compared with competitive solutions offering the same performance levels
  • OmniShield-ready with hardware virtualization and multi-domain security optimized to support multiple independent security contexts and execution domains
  • Feature scalability for customized designs: users can select the specific features they need for their design

Headline features

  • Performance/mm2 improvement over equivalent Series8XE cores
  • Virtualization and security hardware support
  • Optional PVRIC3 and 10-bit YUV for the STB/UHDTV market
  • ASTC LDR support

Typical target applications

  • Mid range and mass market smartphones/tablets
  • Mid range UHDTVs and set-top boxes
  • In-car navigation and information
  • Electronic dashboards
PowerVR GPUPeak GFLOPsCompressionAPI Support
TextureFrame Buffer
GE83202x 8XEPVRTC1/2

OpenGL ES 1.x/2.0/3.x/AEP
Vulkan 1.0
OpenCL 1.2 EP
OpenVX 1.1
DirectX9_3 (optional)

GE83404x 8XE
GE83252x 8XEAs Above + YUV (10 bit)PVRICv3

* PowerVR Series8XE Plus GPUs are designed to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process for all identified graphics, compute and vision APIs.

Current conformance status can be found at