Bringing compute and gaming performance to
cost-sensitive devices

The PowerVR Series8XE Plus family of GPUs enables a step up from entry level parts, whilst maintaining a tight focus on cost reduction. These cores are optimized to deliver the best user experience by combining the fill rate requirements for a great 1080P experience, with an increase in FLOPS performance over the entry level 8XE family, to allow for more realistic immersive gaming, more sophisticated computer and vision applications, and more complex UI implementations, yet all in a limited silicon area budget. This GPU family enables low-cost devices to not only benefit from graphical applications by supporting the most advanced APIs from Khronos, including OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0, but its support for OpenVX 1.1 and OpenCL allows for compute and vision applications to take full advantage of the increased FLOPS on offer.

Cost-efficient GPUs for gaming and compute on 1080p displays

Higher processing performance allows more complex apps (especially games) to run at acceptable frame rate for increased visual quality on low-cost devices. PowerVR Seies8XE Plus delivers up to 4x performance increase for complex gaming vs. PowerVR 8XE family.


  • Architecture improvements for better DDR compatibility
  • Full support for Compute APIs – OpenCL1.2 EP, OpenVX1.1, Vulkan1.0
  • Broad and complete graphics API support – OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2, Vulkan1.0
  • Extended Design Optimization Kit (DOK)s – Enabling wide range of clock frequencies across process technologies
  • Hardware virtualisation
  • Hardware security


  • Bandwidth utilisation improvements allowing for higher throughput for compute and gaming workloads
  • Allows for deployable vision applications, support for CNN implementation on GPU
  • Full support for latest versions of Android. Compatibility with all applications
  • Reduced customer time to market
  • Precision control over performance in multi app/OS environment
  • Enables secure processing and display of high value content

PowerVR Series8XE Plus GPUs offer

  • An increase of up to 4xFlops compared to equivalent fill-rate configurations of PowerVR Series8XE GPUs
  • Around a 30% reduction in area compared with competitive solutions offering the same performance levels
  • OmniShield-ready with hardware virtualization and multi-domain security optimized to support multiple independent security contexts and execution domains
  • Feature scalability for customized designs: users can select the specific features they need for their design

Headline features

  • Performance/mm2 improvement over equivalent Series8XE cores
  • Virtualization and security hardware support
  • Optional PVRIC3 and 10-bit YUV for the STB/UHDTV market
  • ASTC LDR support

Typical target applications

  • Mid range and mass market smartphones/tablets
  • Mid range UHDTVs and set-top boxes
  • In-car navigation and information
  • Electronic dashboards
PowerVR GPU Peak GFLOPs Compression API Support
Texture Frame Buffer
GE8320 2x 8XE PVRTC1/2

OpenGL ES 1.x/2.0/3.x/AEP
Vulkan 1.0
OpenCL 1.2 EP
OpenVX 1.1
DirectX9_3 (optional)

GE8340 4x 8XE
GE8325 2x 8XE As Above + YUV (10 bit) PVRICv3

* PowerVR Series8XE Plus GPUs are designed to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process for all identified graphics, compute and vision APIs.

Current conformance status can be found at