Imagination has a long history of providing high quality video processing cores to high volume consumer electronics markets.

Our advanced multi-standard video cores provide our customers with the confidence to create reliable multimedia system on chip solutions where die size, power consumption and adherence to standards are critical to the success of their products, without sacrificing the high performance demanded by consumers.




The PowerVR™ range of multi-standard video encode and decode cores offer performance scalability from single stream low-definition video decode acceleration to multi stream high-definition hardware video encode and decode.

The widest range of multi-standard format support includes: H.265 (HEVC), H.264, H.263, MPEG-4, MPEG- 2, WMV9/VC-1, AVS, WebM, VP8 and Real (RMVB), with more standards being added all the time.

PowerVR Series5 multi-standard video decoders handle a range of compressed video formats on a multi-standard basis utilizing multimode hardware. By performing the entire decode from elementary stream to decoded picture in hardware the CPU load is extremely low and the system power required for video decode is minimised and hence are ideal for use in handheld and mobile applications.

PowerVR Series5 video encoders possess the key attributes which are paramount in efficient systems: low power consumption, small size and high picture quality. The host CPU has minimum work to do because PowerVR video encoder cores can process all the compression tasks from image to elementary stream. Imagination PowerVR solutions deliver the best quality encoded streams, whilst requiring less bits than competing solutions.

Despite having massively multi-standard capability (or any combination of standards to minimize royalty costs) PowerVR video cores typically take up comparable silicon area to single standard solutions.