Blockchain Technology Summit


Blockchain Technology Summit (BTS) is a focused exploration of blockchain-related opportunities, technologies, and issues for established, leading-edge, and emerging markets. This unique one-day event brings together industry, finance and investment communities, academia, policy makers and government agencies, and media. It features thought-provoking visionary, technical, and practical keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions among recognized experts and innovative startups. The event also includes selectively curated exhibits, networking opportunities, and a student poster competition.

Panel Abstract

Immutability, decentralization, consensus and cryptography support blockchain’s claims of security. At the same time, according to a study by MIT, there have been 72 publicly reported security breaches between 2011 and 2018. The very features that make a blockchain secure have been used in new and novel ways to expose its weaknesses. Financial and infrastructure service providers are upbeat about blockchain’s security but the security community continues to stand by its mantra that nothing is secure. How secure is the blockchain solution when compared to traditional systems? This panel will examine the realities of blockchain security and evaluate its potential to replace and enhance existing security mechanisms. It will go beyond the hopes and hypes to uncover the realities, challenges, applications, and opportunities for security in a blockchain.


Farhad Mafie, Blockchain Technology Summit Chairman, President & CEO, Savant Company Inc.

  1. Utpal Mangla, Vice President & Partner – Global Leader: Watson AI, IoT & Blockchain; Telecom Media & Entertainment Industry at IBM
  2. Joerg Roskowetz, Head of Blockchain Technology BU – Director Product Management Blockchain Technology, AMD
  3. Dr. Pim Tuyls, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Intrinsic ID
  4. Marc Canel, Vice President of Strategy – Security at Imagination Technologies
  5. Sneh Bhatt, Monarch CEO & Co-Founder
  6. Parul Gujral, CEO, Snowball