Profiling Mobile Graphics Applications using the PowerVR Developer Tools

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Speaker’s bio:

Marton Tamas is the Developer Support team lead in the PowerVR Developer Technology engineering team at Imagination. He is responsible for supplying developers with support, training, and documentation for the cutting-edge PowerVR architecture and tools. In his free time, he researches and implements the latest real-time computer graphics techniques and enjoys attending graphics industry events. Follow Marton on Twitter @0martint.

Speech description:

Mobile games have increasingly realistic graphics, which brings new challenges as developers have to consider how to manage frame rates, power consumption, and temperature. Identifying and then eliminating performance bottlenecks can result in a substantial performance boost. In this talk, we will explore a range of profiling techniques using our PowerVR tools. We will take an in-depth look at PVRTune, our PowerVR GPU hardware profiler, which gives real-time visualisation of performance metrics emitted by the GPU, CPU, and drivers.