Future of Sensor Tech Summit 2019

future sensor tech

The Future of Sensor Tech Summit will deep-dive into the latest technological advancements of real-world applications of smart sensors, sensory integration, wearable devices, industrial monitoring, as well as biometric, optical, imaging and gas sensors. It brings together leading professionals that are involved in the design, development, and deployment of sensor technologies and sensor-integrated systems.

Richard Eager, Senior Director of Product Management at Imagination Technologies, is also one of the speakers and will be sharing how advanced connectivity IP can enable new sensor applications at scale. This will cover:

  • What IEEE 802.11ax brings to the low-power senor and wearable markets
  • Why select Wi-Fi rather than other wireless technologies
  • Options for integrating Wi-Fi into your solution

Key themes of the summit also include:

  • Sensor technologies for detecting security vulnerabilities
  • Latest Sensor Innovations: Gas, Imaging, Optical, Biometric,   LiDar
  • Smart Sensors for Manufacturing as a solution for Industrial Monitoring
  • Sensory Integration for Vehicle Perception
  • Wearable devices as a means to collect clinical information
  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics and MEMS Integration
  • How ASIC is powering the future of Embedded sensors
  • Vibration Monitoring System and Industrial Wireless Sensors
  • Smart Sensor Technology and Asset management
  • Gesture Recognition and 3D Sensing Technologies