Profiling Mobile Graphic Applications: From Code to Hardware

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Graphics applications on mobile devices are increasingly complex and power intensive, bringing a whole new set of challenges. The profiling tools for identifying and tackling these challenges could give your application a substantial performance boost. This talk will explore valuable profiling techniques you can use to optimise your mobile applications using PVRTune, our PowerVR hardware profiler. PVRTune enables the visualisation of real-time performance metrics emitted by the GPU, drivers, and CPU.

PowerVR offers the most efficient GPU architecture in the market, along with a ground-breaking toolset for profiling, analysing, and optimising applications. This presentation is ideal for graphics developers interested in learning more about profiling and optimising, and the tools that can help them to reach the GPU’s full potential.

Attendee Takeaway:
* Learn how to identify bottlenecks, and how to resolve them on PowerVR devices.
* Learn tips and tricks to make the most of your profiling session.
* Learn more about the PowerVR technology and our toolset for developers.