In today’s SoC designs, complexity and frequencies have steadily increased, while power budgets remain unchanged. Companies need validated solutions that provide the flexibility to optimize for power, performance or area (PPA) in their heterogeneous processor implementations.

Each DOK™ (Design Optimization Kit) from Imagination Technologies addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive design optimization solution for Imagination’s IP licensees that allows them to significantly accelerate time-to-market.

Imagination DOK

Imagination’s DOKs are complete solutions comprised of IP, libraries from partners, optimized reference floorplans and flows developed by Imagination.


Flexible Configurations

  • Reference floorplans/flows based on industry leading EDA software
  • Third party libraries from EDA tool providers and semiconductor foundries


Improved Implementation

  • Reductions in area and power
  • Gains in performance

With Imagination’s DOKs, customers leveraging Imagination’s IP can achieve improved implementation turnaround time through a tuned design flow.