The IMGworks group provides design services, software integration services and support expertise to enable a fast and low-risk path to production for both customer SoC designs based around Imagination’s IP cores and system integration of OEM products incorporating chips using one or more of Imagination’s technologies.


SoC Design Services

As well as fully bespoke solutions IMGworks also offer standardized platform implementations which can be modified to meet specific requirements, thereby accelerating time to market.

These services are used by many of our customers, and in some cases our fabless semiconductor partners use IMGworks as their initial LSI design department during the early stages of growth, enabling them to focus on product support, sales and future product development. IMGworks can also help ramp-up a new design team by transferring a complete working SoC design to them, and advising them on appropriate design flows, libraries, foundries and many other aspects of implementation.


Software Integration Services

IMGworks also has a team dedicated to helping licensees and OEMs complete and optimize software integration for all major operating systems (OS) and APIs. Our Platform Services team provides software integration services related to our IP to our licensees, OEMs and strategic partners. This team can undertake a wide range of software integration services relating to our IP cores, including device driver porting, integration with OS, adaptation of drivers to new APIs and assistance with system optimization. The Platform Services team is particularly attractive to partners wishing to accelerate timescales for their product roadmaps, enabling them to be first to market with the exciting new capabilities of our IP cores.