On-time delivery of leading-edge embedded solutions requires world-class tools. These tools must streamline programming, debugging and application optimisation at all stages of SoC development to reduce time-to-market and ensure the best possible power consumption and system utilisation. This could include tasks such optimising multi-core and multi-threaded applications on a combination of Imagination’s cores or fine tuning Ensigma RPU demodulation applications.

Imagination delivers with Codescape, new levels of development tool integration, tackling all aspects of high-performance, heterogeneous SoC platform development, and includes support for an ever increasing number of Imagination’s programmable IP cores.

Codescape is an end-to-end solution, supporting your development needs and the needs of your customers from IP evaluation through to product delivery and customer support. This one-stop solution eases the development cycle and helps you deliver the quality of finished product your customers expect in the fastest possible timeframe.

With Codescape, Imagination brings together a wealth of expertise in the form of Windows and Linux-based embedded toolkits, software development tools, hardware support packages and hardware development platforms, linked by a common development environment and backed up by a team of developers and support engineers with unparalleled experience.


Codescape Debugger

The mature and successful Codescape Debugger forms the hub of the tools suite, providing a powerful multiplatform GUI build system, debugger and performance analyser.

From Codescape Debugger you can simultaneously debug MIPS CPU cores, as well as Ensigma communications RPU cores in a single environment, with more heterogeneous processing features coming soon.

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Codescape MIPS SDK

The Codescape MIPS software development toolkit provides tools and libraries for developing and debugging software for Imagination Technologies’ MIPS processors. This software development kit provides the tools to develop on and tune the applications running on MIPS cores, which underpin many other Imagination IP blocks.

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