To facilitate debugging and performance analysis on MIPS cores, Imagination offers a range of probes to suit development requirements. The range of SysProbes enables high-speed debug and low-level interface with all MIPS cores. For a more lightweight and cost-focused option connecting to our smaller cores, a BusBlaster probe is available.

See for details of the current range of probes.


Support for all MIPS cores and other Imagination IP including:

The Codescape Console software can be used for command line very low-level SoC and core bring-up, fault analysis and debug via the probes. In addition, the probe can be used with Codescape Debugger, Imagination’s bespoke GUI debug environment for heterogeneous SoC development. Codescape Debugger offers powerful regions, including: source code, disassembly, stack frame, local and global variables, CPU registers, memory, breakpoints, hardware triggers, trace and performance analysis. Tested firmware, tools and an update utility are provided in Codescape MIPS SDK Professional.

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Third party probes are also available from multiple vendors.