MIPS actively supports, develops and improves the Linux kernel for the MIPS® architecture, in particular MIPS cores, the MIPS32®, microMIPS™ and MIPS64® ISAs and associated ASEs, the Malta™ and SEAD-3™ platforms.

Recent enhancements have included adding support for the Aptiv range of processors, hotplugging and KVM functionality.

  • Supports big- and little-endian.
  • Supports microMIPS32 ISA on M14Kc and microAptiv UP cores.
  • Linux kernels for MIPS FPGA development systems which track upstream long-term stable releases are available via our developer site.
  • Linux-based MIPS systems are supported by the free Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials, Mentor Sourcery CodeBench Lite software toolchain and a number of open Linux distributions.
  • Board support packages are available from our ecosystem partners providing support for various MIPS Cores.

MIPS Linux Kernel Distribution

Imagination Technologies contributes directly to the linux-mips repository, and via that to kernel.org. Details of the most up-to-date kernel supporting the MIPS cores are available from MIPS developer pages.

Linux on MIPS is supported by a number of open distributions including Debian, OpenWRT, buildroot, Yocto and GENTOO.