Imagination has been one of the early pioneers of mobile GPU compute, being the first mobile IP vendor to achieve OpenCL conformance on its PowerVR SGX GPU IP family. Our latest PowerVR ‘Rogue’ GPUs provide comprehensive support for compute APIs such as OpenCL 1.2, OpenGLES 3.1 Comptute Shaders and RenderScript. These APIs are revolutionizing the way OEMs and third-party software developers design mobile apps, enabling use cases that were not previously possible with a CPU alone in emerging areas such as computational photography, video and embedded computer vision.

To encourage wider adoption of GPU compute in mobile, Imagination is inviting GPU compute engineers to download tools and documentation that help enable efficient zero-copy heterogeneous computing on a number of selected devices.

Series of Articles on Heterogeneous Compute

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Downloads for platforms that fully support the PowerVR Imaging Framework

The ASUS Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) supports the PowerVR imaging framework Android. This framework enables the GPU to be deployed as a flexible and efficient compute engine for accelerating many computational photography and computer vision algorithms, while tightly integrated with hardware components such as an ISP (Image Signal Processor) for acquiring the image sensor data, a VDE (Video Decoder and Encoder) for codec acceleration, and a CPU for executing general-purpose code and high-level heuristics.

  ASUS Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) OpenCL: Quick Start Guide - Accept Terms & Request Download.

  Building Heterogeneous Systems with PowerVR: OpenCL Programmer’s Reference - Accept Terms & Request Download.

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  Imaging Framework Camera Demo - Accept Terms & Request Download.

  PowerVR OpenCL Minimal Working Zero Copy Examples - Accept Terms & Request Download.

Downloads for other Series 6 platforms

The first Android tablets to be released with a PowerVR Series6 GPU are the Dell Venue 7 (Intel Atom Z3460) and Venu 8 (Intel Atom Z3480). Both of these Atom devices incorporate the PowerVR G6400 GPU.

  Building Heterogeneous Systems with PowerVR: OpenCL Programmer’s Reference - Accept Terms & Request Download.

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  PowerVR Rogue OpenCL Camera Adjustment Preview App - Accept Terms & Request Download.