Lower your integration costs with the complete full-stack IMG iEB110 Bluetooth IP Solution

2020-08-04 15:00:00
- 40 minutes

Lower your integration costs with the complete full-stack IMG iEB110 Bluetooth IP Solution

The latest Bluetooth 5.2 specification brings with it significant new features such as Bluetooth Low Energy audio, bringing with it a host of new and exciting use cases such as multi-stream audio, broadcast audio, audio sharing and explicit support for hearing aid use cases. This is all supported by our latest Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 compliant IP IMG iEB110.

iEB100 is a complete, one-stop-shop low-energy Bluetooth solution, offering integrated RF and baseband and includes popular open-source Zephyr and Cordio host stacks. It delivers optimal RF performance and advanced power-saving features, making it ideal for low-power battery-operated applications for wearables, hearables, and the Internet of Things.

In this webinar, we will deep-dive the key features and benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 and explain how by choosing our pre-certified IMG iEB110 IP you can reduce your integration and development costs and accelerate your time to market.

To learn more about the features in iEB110 see the product brief by clicking here

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn the new features and benefits in Bluetooth v5.2
  • Understand our low-power connectivity product portfolio
  • Discover why IMG iEB110 is the ultimate Bluetooth low-energy solution for low-power IoT
  • Find out how IMG iEB110 will help you build a better, more profitable product

The webinar will be available On Demand after the live broadcast.

Presenter Bio

“I joined Imagination Technologies as Senior Marketing Manager, responsible for Ensigma connectivity product lines. I previously spent six years at Laird as product development and engineering manager where I managed a software team and successfully delivered several Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LoRa-based programs. Before that, I worked for Ezurio, TomTom, Lysanda, Intelligentz, among others developing wired and wireless products for consumer, automotive, medical and logistics sectors.”