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Imagination is a global technology leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people throughout the world



Intellectual Property licensing business and consumer products.


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What we do

We create and license market-leading processor solutions for graphics, vision & AI processing and multi-standard communications.

Our broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key processing blocks needed by our customers to create the Systems on Chips (SoC) that power electronic devices.

We call these processing engines our core IP, and we have built strong brands around them: PowerVR multimedia and Ensigma communications.

Imagination is one of the world’s top three silicon IP companies.

We have a passion for innovation and the drive to develop technologies that deliver leadership for our customers’ products, and enrich users’ lives. Our technologies have not only already been instrumental in key markets such as mobile phone, computing, home electronics, handheld multimedia, automotive and networking, they are also enabling new kinds of devices across the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables and other markets. Because of this we believe that the Imagination story is just beginning.

We are unique in the IP business

Our technology has unique advantages that make it highly desirable both to market leading technology companies who might otherwise develop such technologies themselves, and start-up companies who seek to disrupt established markets. Our reputation is built on innovation.

Our focus on low power consumption, the smallest silicon area, and the highest efficiency are three key reasons our technology is in demand from leading chip companies. These design imperatives permeate everything we do. We are also now introducing new areas of profound differentiation, such as security and AI.

Combining our IP cores enables our customers to create their own differentiated platforms

Customers can license just one IP core or take a whole range. They can integrate our IP individually, or as pre-verified combined subsystems with their own technology, and if needed rely on us to
help in creating their SoC.

We are the only IP company with a true focus on the solutions our customers require as a springboard to differentiation, best time to market and compelling ROI (return on investment).

Our strategy

Imagination’s long-term strategy is to build, with our customers, solutions of real scale across a wide range of markets, based on some or all of our two fundamental silicon IP families – PowerVR multimedia and Ensigma communications – and the platforms they enable.

soc-designThese complementary and essential IP families, used in various configurations across every market we address, are central to the Group’s overall strategy.


  • Individually: offer a comprehensive and highly scalable range of IP products that are technology leaders in their respective areas
  • Collectively: enable the creation of IP platforms addressing a growing range of subsystem and solution needs that form the basis of our customers’ differentiated solutions

Imagination is a different kind of IP company. We see that the future is about secure heterogeneous platforms that combine our IP with our customers’ and partners’ differentiating IP to create unique solutions – and we are unique in this area by going much further than anyone else to realize scalable IP platforms to accelerate the path from concept to volume production.

Over ten billion units containing our technology have been shipped in key markets such as mobile phone, computing, home electronics, hand held multimedia, automotive and networking.

We believe that each of our IP pillars is better than other point solutions but also that together in a heterogeneous SoC they enable our customers to have opportunities to create solutions faster, at lower cost and lower risk.

The drive to innovate through smart R&D is behind everything we do. That innovation has delivered a portfolio of technologies that is innovative in every important field for our target markets: multimedia, processor and communications. Imagination is now focused on ensuring that our innovations reach the widest audience we can.

Our licensees and partners

Our business model is simple. We receive a payment when we license our ‘pillar’ technologies to leading electronics companies and when those companies create products using our technologies we also receive a royalty for each unit shipped.

Our licensees include many of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEMs/ODMs (Original Equipment/Device Manufacturers).

They are attracted to us because we build win-win partnerships that enable our customers to differentiate their products using our IP, and together deliver unique products and businesses.

We enable world-class companies to deliver truly life enhancing products, developers to create engaging user experiences, and ‘makers’ to create exciting new applications for education and entertainment.

Through our market leading and innovative customers we are in some of the most iconic and culturally important products of the 21st century.

We are intensely relationship focused, working closely with our partners to help them get successfully to market, ultimately shipping high volumes of advanced semiconductors containing our technologies. As a royalty-based business, our partners’ success is our success.