Press Release | December 03, 2019

Imagination Launches IMG A-Series: “The GPU of Everything”

Introducing our next-generation graphics processors and the fastest GPU IP ever created.


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Blog | December 03, 2019

IMG A-Series: The GPU for Generation 2020

We are proud to introduce IMG A-Series. It’s not only a range of new cores, but it introduces a new GPU architecture too. The headline figure? A-Series is 2.5x faster (or 150%) for the same area and same power compared to our currently shipping PowerVR GPUs.
FIDO Alliance tagline

Why Imagination Technologies has joined the FIDO Alliance

We all know passwords are a problem. We have too many of them to remember, but too many of them are reused to make them secure. No surprise that they are the root cause of the vast majority of data breaches. Fortunately, clever minds are working at ways to replace them and they have come together to create the FIDO® (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance.

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Samsung Ballie CES 2020 woman

CES 2020: The robots are coming…

Coming away from CES this year one thought filled my head: the robots are coming! Having walked around the floor of this enormous show I saw enough to convince me that the 1950s vision of the robot in your house ready to do the chores isn’t quite as far-fetched as it once was. That’s not to say we’ll have C3PO or Kryten available to order next year of course; things will start a little smaller and rounder.

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Press Releases

Press Release | December 03, 2019

Imagination launches IMG A-Series: “The GPU of Everything”

Introducing our next-generation graphics processors – the fastest GPU IP ever created.
Ecosystem News | August 08, 2019

Walton Primo G9

The Walton Primo G9 (PRG9) smartphone released in 2019. It is powered by Unisoc SC9863A chipset, containing a PowerVR Series8XE GPU.

Ecosystem News

XiaoAi Touchscreen Speaker

The XiaoAi Touchscreen Speaker is a smart display with AI built-in for a smarter home. The core processor is MediaTek MT8167 and includes a PowerVR

Nokia 2.2 smartphone

Launch on the 6th June, the Nokia 2.2 is an Android One certified phone. It combines a Quad-core Mediatek MT 6761, a Helio A22 built

Lenovo Smart Clock

Built to be an alarm clock first and foremost, the Lenovo Smart Clock contains a PowerVR Series8XE GPU and has received 4/5 star rating from

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