PowerVR Series8XEP


High-performance compute and immersive gaming for cost-sensitive devices

The PowerVR Series8XEP family of GPUs enables a step up from entry level parts, whilst maintaining a tight focus on cost reduction. These cores are optimized to deliver the best user experience by combining the fill rate requirements for a great 1080P experience, with an increase in FLOPS performance over the entry level 8XE family, to allow for more realistic immersive gaming, more sophisticated computer and vision applications, and more complex UI implementations, yet all in a limited silicon area budget.


UHDTV and set-top box

With support for resolutions up to 4K and configurations offering PVRIC3 image compression and 10-bit YUV, the PowerVR Series8XEP is an ideal solution for set-top boxes and smart TVs. Providing various levels of fillrate and compute capabilities that can cater for complex, multi-layered GUIs that improve the user experience.


In-car navigation/infotainment

PowerVR enables automotive OEMs to take navigation, entertainment and dashboard graphics to the next level in factory-fitted and after-market navigation devices. PowerVR Series8XEP graphics and GPU compute are key technology enablers for capturing and processing images from cameras in real-time for advanced driver assistance systems.


Smartphone and tablet

The two-cluster GT8525 delivers improvements in sustained gaming performance within constrained power footprints, including for mobile AR. It enables greater compute availability, such as neural networks for object identification. The four-cluster GT8540 will deliver a premium, high-end graphics experience, while still offering industry-leading battery life.

GPUs for HD gaming and compute

Higher processing performance allows more complex apps, especially games to run at acceptable frame rates for increased visual quality on low-cost devices. PowerVR Seies8XE Plus delivers up to 4x performance increase for complex gaming vs. PowerVR 8XE family.

Complete graphics and compute support

This GPU family enables low-cost devices to not only benefit from graphical applications by supporting the most advanced APIs from Khronos, including OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0, but its support for OpenVX 1.1 and OpenCL allows for compute and vision applications to take full advantage of the increased FLOPS on offer.

Increased bandwidth

Bandwidth utilisation improvements allowing for higher throughput for compute and gaming workloads

Machine learning

Allows for deployable vision applications and support for convolutional neural networks and machine learning implementation on GPU.

Virtualization and security

Hardware virtualization and multi-domain security optimized to support multiple independent security contexts and execution domains.

Optional scalability

Features scalability for customized designs: users can select the specific features they need for their design such as PVRIC3 and 10-bit YUV for the STB/UHDTV market.

Extended Design Optimisation Kit

Imagination’s DOKs are complete solutions comprised of IP, libraries from partners, optimized reference floorplans and flows developed by Imagination.

Reduced silicon area

Around a 30% reduction in area compared with competitive solutions offering the same performance levels.

Series8XEP GPUs available in a range of configurations

Available in two- and four-cluster configurations, Series8XEP is designed specifically to deliver the right mix of performance, features and silicon size for the most demanding markets.


PowerVR GE8430

Core architecture: PowerVR Rogue

Performance tier: Mid-High

Markets: Automotive, Consumer electronics, Gaming, Infotainment, Mobile, Set-Top bx, Smart TV, Smartphone, Surveillance, Tablets, UHDTV


PowerVR GE8322

Core architecture: PowerVR Rogue

Performance tier: Mid

Markets: Automotive, Consumer electronics, Gaming, Infotainment, Mobile, Set-Top bx, Smart TV, Smartphone, Surveillance, Tablets, UHDTV


PowerVR GE8320

Core architecture: PowerVR Rogue

Performance tier: Mid

Markets: Automotive, Consumer electronics, Gaming, Infotainment, Mobile, Set-Top bx, Smart TV, Smartphone, Surveillance, Tablets, UHDTV

Smarter GPUs for intelligent products

The PowerVR Series2NX neural network accelerator (NNA) is a standalone AI solution, but it also makes an ideal partner for the Series9 GPUs. Combined, they enable the deployment of low-power AI-ready SoCs within a minimal silicon area. The GPU manages classic vision algorithms, while the neural net processing is performed on the PowerVR NNA – and all within the same silicon footprint as competing standalone GPUs.

An extensive ecosystem of tools and support

PowerVR GPU technology is driven by one of the world’s largest engineering teams dedicated to graphics processor development. It is complemented by Imagination’s PowerVR Insider ecosystem, which provides extensive support and tools to an extensive and vibrant community of developers, who have already created hundreds of thousands of apps optimised for PowerVR powered devices.


Design Optimisation Kits

To help our customers achieve the best possible implementation in the shortest possible time, we offer Design Optimisation Kits. They are a complete solution comprised of IP, libraries from partners, optimised reference floorplans and flows developed by us.


PowerVR SDK and Tools

Including a cross-platform OS and API abstraction layer, as well as a library of helper tools for maths and resource loading. It also features optimised example applications to demonstrate the most efficient ways of implementing common 3D graphics effects on PowerVR GPUs.


PowerVR Tools

Our suite of utilities is designed to enable rapid graphics application development. It targets a range of areas, including asset exporting and optimisation, PC emulation, prototyping environments, online and off-line performance, analysis tools and more.