Solutions designed to disrupt

We create technologies that lie at the heart of truly exciting products. Imagination’s designs are the building blocks for the multimedia and communications processors that are found inside the SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power many modern devices.

Identifying and addressing key markets

Imagination disrupts established markets and discovers emerging ones. We anticipate market trends, then design and build the essential core silicon technologies that underpin success in those markets.


Mobile devices

 Smartphones and tablets are essential tools for millions of people around the world, with demand continuing to grow in new and emerging markets. Whatever the price point, end users expect high-performance, power-efficient, cutting-edge technology inside the products that enrich their professional and personal lives.


By combining your semiconductor design capability with PowerVR multimedia and AI cores, you will have everything needed to create world-class SoCs for the next stage of the smartphone revolution. Partner with us to leverage our cutting-edge technology to lead the market and pioneer the next wave of mobile devices that both delight and astound.


A decade ago the tablet arrived to redefine portable computing. Thanks to its larger size the tablet provides a bigger canvas than pocket-sized devices to deliver immersive experiences that truly take advantage of the latest graphics hardware. With emerging form-factors such as detachable keyboards and touch pens, the tablet market continues to surprise and delight consumers.



Driven by an increase in electronics systems being designed in, the car is undergoing a massive change. The aim is to make the experience of driving safer, more secure, more connected and more convenient. The low-power, high-performance capabilities of Imagination’s IP are a key differentiator in the automotive segment.

Cluster (HMI/HUDs)

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are being transformed by the use of the latest graphics technology, including multiple screens, support for up to 4K displays, advanced shaders, and frame rates up to 60fps. Head Up Displays (HUDs) use technology pioneered in aeroplanes to project useful information on the windscreen and let drivers keep their eyes on the road.


The dashboard is being transformed into an internet connected multimedia experience. Many new technologies are being deployed or connected to, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. The latest video technology requires the use of advanced video processors to encode and decode camera inputs but also decoding for back seat entertainment systems.


ADAS, (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are the first set of building blocks towards autonomous vehicles. The car is now being covered in sensors: multiple cameras giving 360° viewing, short and long-range radar, LIDAR for millimetre accurate point-cloud creation, infrared for parking and sonar for short range detection – all of which require massive amounts of processing.


Augmented & virtual reality

AR and VR are emerging technologies that are set to redefine how we interact with the world around us. From the entertainment and gaming industry to industrial and medical fields, AR and VR are expanding the possibilities for visual immersion.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the overlay of real-time computer-generated data laid over a direct or indirect view of the real world – and its use is growing. Smartphone games that employ basic AR have become major hits and in-car HUDs with AR navigation are imminent. Among many possibilities, AR can help engineers visualise what a vehicle would look like on the road in front of them, show workmen how to make repairs, and let gamers turn a room into an interactive play zone.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) delivers the experience of total immersion. Wearing a headset, the user is placed inside a completely computer-generated 3D environment, transporting them into the cockpit of a fighter jet or a space fighter, onto a rollercoaster, or even onto the surface of another world. VR isn’t just for entertainment – design, education and tourism are just some of the markets that are set to benefit from the transformative and visual power of VR.


Consumer electronics

The consumer electronics landscape continues to evolve with an ever increasing number of smart home appliances appearing in our homes; from digital TVs and set-top boxes, home gateways and network routers, to digital radio and connected multi-room audio.

Digital TV

Today TV is less defined by traditional broadcast services than by its capability to deliver a vast array of popular video streaming applications, all natively supported on the TV itself. User experience is paramount and central to brand loyalty; the UI must be fast, responsive and intuitive.

Set-top box

Thanks to a trend towards advanced hybrid products that seamlessly blend the broadcast and broadband worlds it has become essential to provide graphically rich UIs that guide viewers to content quickly and efficiently, all of which requires powerful but efficient GPUs.

Digital radio

There are now over 2,000 digital radio services on air around the world, broadcast across 38 countries and covering 418 million listeners. But we’ve only just begun: the market potential is huge, with several countries announcing digital switchover dates alongside the retirement of analogue FM services. 

GPUs that power iconic products

PowerVR enables a powerful, power-efficient and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D and 2D graphics as well as high-performance GPU compute all in the same unified engine. PowerVR is the de facto standard for mobile and embedded graphics, powering iconic products that deliver the best in smartphone, tablet, TV and console apps, including the most advanced user interfaces and the highest performance mobile gaming.

High-performance mobile GPUs and multi-standard connectivity

We truly believe that our embedded GPU technology is the best in the industry and we look forward to helping our customers deliver ever-more immersive and engaging experiences on their devices.

Connectivity for your world

With over 30 supported wireless standards in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, GNSS, audio and TV broadcast, Ensigma provides the most comprehensive range of wireless connectivity and broadcast IP solutions in the market today. Ensigma provides unique end-to-end solutions, encompassing all parts of the wireless system – RF, baseband, software and interoperability and RF compliance.

Driving the machine learning revolution

Smart vision systems and neural networks need new types of dedicated processing that can push performance to new levels while ensuring the greatest efficiencies. PowerVR Vision and artificial intelligence (AI) cores bring new processing capabilities to evolving and emerging markets including mobile, automotive, home entertainment, AR/VR and smart surveillance.

Innovation and collaboration are in our DNA

We have over 25 years of experience in designing and licensing market-leading processor solutions for graphics, vision & AI processing, and multi-standard communications.

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