Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics landscape continues to evolve

From digital TVs and set-top boxes, home gateways and network routers, to digital radio and connected audio, plus an ever increasing number of smart home appliances, this market covers the wide range of products and technology we find in our homes.

Digital television

Today TV is less defined by traditional broadcast services than by its capability to deliver a vast array of popular video applications, all natively supported on the TV itself. User experience is paramount and central to brand loyalty; the UI must be fast, responsive and intuitive. The move to 4K, and ultimately 8K, screen technology, coupled with higher refresh rates and enhanced colour reproduction through high dynamic range (HDR), drives SoC integration still higher. Add the new technologies of 360° video, augmented reality and voice control and SoC performance becomes even more crucial. Connectivity is fundamental to smart TV: Imagination’s Ensigma Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cores offer the leading solution for fast, reliable data transfer, and are easily extended to cover Zigbee and Thread to fully integrate into the smart home.

Set-top box

With the trend towards advanced hybrid products that seamlessly blend the broadcast and broadband worlds, it has become essential to provide graphically rich UIs that guide viewers to content quickly and efficiently. Consumers expect a level of experience to complement what they are used to receiving on tablets and smartphones, but SoC cost is always a key consideration in set-top box componentry and design. That’s why all of our IP is designed to be the most efficient in its class.

Streaming media

Needing maximum performance within restricted power budgets, TV sticks/dongles must deliver in one of the most demanding of applications. The success of these devices is, in part, due to intelligent technology integration and advanced SoC design. Our PowerVR graphics cores have been at the heart of many TV dongles and OTT devices, providing the ideal balance of power and performance in this most challenging of environments. High performance graphics come in the form of our class-leading PowerVR XT range of embedded GPU cores, whereas Ensigma Explorer offers unparalleled Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity all in a single package. 

Digital Radio

There are now over 2,000 digital radio services on air around the world, broadcast across 38 countries and covering 418 million listeners. But we’ve only just begun: the market potential is huge, with several countries announcing digital switchover dates alongside the retirement of analogue FM services. Our Ensigma Broadcast cores are the leading solution for digital radio. Imagination are pioneers of radio broadcast technologies, having created Pure – a world-leading brand for digital radio products. And with Internet radio going hand-in-hand with DAB, making hybrid radios a popular choice, our Ensigma cores provide a complete SoC solution by seamlessly integrating DAB/DAB+ alongside Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, all on a single chip.

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