Mobile Devices

Lead in the smartphone revolution

Today there are over two billion mobile phones shipping annually. Smartphones lead the market, having become massively powerful portable productivity and communication tools. They demand cutting-edge technologies, all of which are packaged into a form-factor small enough to be carried in a jacket pocket. Tablets remain a strong and vibrant market, providing a large-screen experience in and out home that, for many, renders the laptop redundant. Imagination’s PowerVR graphics, Vision & AI and Ensigma Communications technologies will enable you to build world-beating products that will help you stand out from the crowd in these highly competitive marketplaces.

Redefine "possible"

Imagination is the architect of the smartphone and tablet revolution. Our graphics technology underpinned the success of iconic products such as the Nokia N95 and seeded the step-change in the smartphone market back in 2007 when the iPhone fundamentally reconceived what a mobile phone should be. When the first tablet launched, PowerVR technology delivered the premium experience. Billions of smartphones and tablets harness the innovation we provide, with touchscreens and the associated graphics technology at the heart of the user experience.

Connectivity for your world

Connectivity is at the heart of any mobile device and faster communications standards such as 5G and 802.11ax Wi-Fi are continuing to push the boundaries of radio performance. Ensigma connectivity cores deliver a comprehensive system solution comprising RF, baseband and all necessary software for high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Our unique combination of technology and system-level expertise gives you faster time-to-market; more importantly, this ensures you achieve optimum radio designs within your SoC.

The smartphone just got smarter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new frontier for mobile technology, with devices that can learn and adapt to users and their environment. Put simply, the smartphone is about to become even smarter. For this new wave of device, our PowerVR neural network and vision technologies deliver compute performance previously unattainable in smartphone SoCs. Quite simply: we’re leaders in what we do.

News from Imagination

Reducing memory bandwidth with PVRIC

Thanks to increases in screen resolutions and ever more complex render pipelines, games and other apps are becoming more and more bandwidth intensive, requiring larger amounts of data to be copied to-and-from memory. Devices are now commonly expected to drive

Rising expectations: depth of field on mobile

While these days most of us with a smartphone might take gaming on mobile for granted many of us with older memories will recall that it’s actually a relatively recent development. In the days of basic Nokia phones, the likes

Furian ALU efficiency

PowerVR Series8XT: pushing power efficiency to the next level

Last year, Imagination announced Furian, our newest graphics architecture and the first major update for PowerVR since 2012. This introduction marks a significant step in satisfying the ever increasing demands for more device performance, especially for new use cases such as

FaceID demo screenshot

Face detection and identification using OpenCL on PowerVR GPUs

In previous blog posts, we have demonstrated using neural networks to do things such as object recognition and digit recognition. In this post, we will demonstrate a more practical example of vision, AI and machine learning running on PowerVR GPUs.