Graphics processor technologies are the de-facto standard for mobile and embedded GPUs.

Seeing the world as you do

Whether you want smartness residing in local devices like cameras, consumer products or robots, or enabled by powerful servers in the cloud, we can help you achieve your vision. We enable smartness in your products; PowerVR GPU compute runs machine learning applications; PowerVR Vision & AI accelerates neural networks for fast and smart edge devices; Ensigma connects local intelligence to larger ones–like IoT to the cloud.

Driving the machine learning revolution

PowerVR GPU compute technology is highly applicable to the sort of highly-parallel data-driven computation AI needs. In devices that need comprehensive real-time, in-system intelligence, a GPU’s highly parallel nature makes it ideal, either alone or in combination with a neural network acceleration core.

Embedded intelligence at low power

For markets like security, autonomous systems, and retail and security cameras, we are enabling the intelligence as close to the edge as possible, at low power and low cost with our PowerVR Vision & AI cores. Engineered to accelerate specific neural network applications PowerVR neural network accelerators (NNA) deliver unmatched efficiency and performance.

Series3NX NNA

PowerVR Series3NX is the fastest, most power-efficient embedded solution for hardware acceleration of neural networks on the market. Thanks to key architectural enhancements the Series3NX benefits from a 40% performance boost over the previous generation, providing the highest performance density per mm2.

Series2NX NNA

The PowerVR Series2NX is a complete neural network accelerator (NNA) solution for embedded and mobile devices. Designed to deliver high-performance computation of neural networks at very low power consumption which makes it the highest performance density per mm2 in the market.

Connecting to a world of intelligence

Smart local devices are connected to each other or to the cloud, relaying data, and gaining intelligence. Ensigma delivers the broadest spectrum and most efficient connectivity IP available, proven across a wide class of devices from TV, radio, connected speakers and IoT devices.

Deliver amazing products

Find out how PowerVR GPU processors can boost innovation and user experiences for your products.