Making Better Ray Tracing

PowerVR Ray Tracing is a revolutionary 3D graphics technology that mimics how light behaves in the real world to create visuals with astonishing realism.

Making Better Pixels

PowerVR graphics technologies are licensed by world leading companies to power products delivering the best in smartphone, tablet, TV and console apps.

Making Better ADAS

Innovating the future of automotive technology and autonomous vehicles with PowerVR Automotive.

Making Better Wireless

In a world that’s always switched on, Ensigma’s range of connectivity and broadcast IP is designed to provide power efficient solutions for all markets.

Making Better Smartness

Whether you want smartness residing in local devices like cameras, consumer products or robots, or enabled by powerful servers in the cloud, we can help you achieve your vision.

Making Better Tools

PowerVR SDK and PowerVR Tools give you innovative low-level scrutiny of your code, paving the way for greater optimisations and even better user experiences.


Smart IP solutions that drive successful products

The drive to innovate through smart R&D is behind everything we do. That approach has delivered a portfolio of technologies that is groundbreaking in every important field for our target markets: multimedia, processor and communications. Billions of units containing our technology have been shipped in key segments such as smartphone, computing, home electronics, handheld multimedia, automotive and networking.

The Heart of Embedded Computing

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to our experts discuss incorporating AI into resource-constrained devices and integrating wireless connectivity into embedded solutions.

Graphics processors for iconic products

PowerVR GPUs power products delivering the best in smartphone, tablet, TV and console apps, including the most advanced user interfaces and highest performance gaming.

Unrivalled performance and scalability for AI acceleration

PowerVR Series3NX raises the bar for neural network inferencing performance delivering performance levels that offer up a new range of possibilities for embedded devices.

High-performance connectivity for all devices

Ensigma’s high-performance connectivity solutions provide a complete system solution of Radio Frequency, baseband and software IP for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications.

PowerVR Virtualization

A Critical Feature for Automotive GPUs

GPU virtualization is now a must-have for a range of next-generation applications, from automotive, to consumer electronics, to the IoT. GPUs that implement hardware virtualization can provide isolation between the various applications/OSs for increased security, as well as maximum utilisation of the underlying GPU hardware.

Imagination news

New and enhanced developer tools for Android

AT GDC 2019 we launched an enhanced set of tools to help developers optimise Android™ graphics performance for devices with PowerVR GPUs. These are: PVRMonitor for real-time GPU and CPU performance statistics; PVRTune for profiling and analysing applications; and PVRStudio for seamless CPU/GPU debugging on PowerVR devices.